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MercyOne Clinton Medical Center

MercyOne and Medical Associates of Clinton announce agreement to join forces

Agreement will provide greater collaboration and create an even higher level of care coordination to benefit patients and communities throughout the region

Clinton, Iowa, May 30, 2019 – MercyOne Clinton Medical Center announced today that an agreement has been reached with Medical Associates of Clinton (Medical Associates) for the independently owned medical group to join MercyOne this summer.

The two organizations, which have provided quality care to the Clinton area for decades, will now work together as an integrated system to expand services, improve access and create an even higher level of coordination of care to benefit patients and communities throughout the region.

“In an era of major change in the health care industry, we are pleased to have reached this important agreement between our organizations,” said Kay Takes, president of MercyOne Eastern Iowa Region. “Medical Associates of Clinton and MercyOne Clinton Medical Center have proudly served patients and families in our community for many years, and we are excited about the positive impact this new relationship will have in our efforts to provide excellent care and service well into the future.”

MercyOne Clinton will continue to offer the services provided by Medical Associates, including care at their Urgent Care & Occupational Medicine Clinic in Clinton, and clinics in Clinton and DeWitt, Iowa, and in Fulton and Morrison, Illinois.

“Medical Associates physicians and staff look forward to continuing to provide excellent health care to the patients we serve by joining MercyOne and combining our resources and talents to become stronger and better positioned for the future,” said Paul Manning, MD, chairman of the Management Committee for Medical Associates Physician Owners.

As the transition moves forward, additional information will be provided to patients. Updates will also be available at ( or by calling current care locations.

“We are eager to integrate and expand our team,” said Takes. “We are aligned in our legacy of serving patients and families, and in our commitment to making sure their health care needs are met without having to leave the community. Medical Associates is a great organization and we are excited to welcome their providers and staff into the MercyOne Clinton family.”

MercyOne is an integrated system of health care facilities and services located throughout the state of Iowa and surrounding communities. As a nonprofit, faith-based health system, MercyOne includes more than 18 owned or joint venture medical centers and hospitals, 25 managed hospitals and more than 420 ambulatory care locations.

About MercyOne Clinton Medical Center

MercyOne Clinton Medical Center is a Catholic, not-for-profit, full-service community health system serving counties in eastern Iowa and western Illinois. With approximately 50,000 patient admissions every year, MercyOne Clinton operates 249 licensed beds. In addition to a wide range of traditional hospital services, MercyOne Clinton provides a continuum of care with specialized services in wound care, radiation oncology, dialysis, imaging, sleep disorders, therapy services, and skilled care. MercyOne Clinton has a staff of more than 800 employees, making it one of the community’s largest employers.

About Medical Associates of Clinton

Founded in 1964, Medical Associates strives to be the most requested and reliable medical group in eastern Iowa and western Illinois. Medical Associates’ team of providers and staff are committed to delivering the highest levels of patient satisfaction, documented quality of care and proven value through the application of state-of-the-art technologies in an up-to-date, caring environment. For more information, please visit

Julie A. Dunn
Executive Director, MercyOne Clinton Foundation and Marketing

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Saving a heart: Improving health, testing makes a difference

2016-02-04 Heart Month Albaghdadi_SaadiBy Alexzandria Bryson, Clinton Herald Staff Writer

CLINTON With National Heart Month being observed throughout February, local cardiologist Dr. Saadi Albaghdadi is speaking out about the ways to prevent a heart attack.

Albaghdadi said one needs to know the signs of a heart problem, most of which occur in the upper body. Among them are feelings of indigestion, arm discomfort and elbow discomfort. On the surface it looks like it has nothing to do with the heart but on the inside it could be blocked arteries.

It’s the radiation of discomfort people have in the heart, Albaghdadi said. There are nerve connections that can radiate that discomfort, usually with the left arm. Usually those kind of symptoms don’t get missed often. If someone has chest pains and it goes to the arm I should know that this is a heart problem. When you have vague symptoms is when it becomes a problem. Then you cannot know if anything wrong is happening with your body.

Albaghdadi said there are also things that need to be addressed in people with diabetes and women. Their symptoms can be different from other people with heart problems. They will have vague symptoms, maybe get short-winded doing very little.

Then that’s when you have to wonder why am I getting short-winded walking short distances to my car or down the stairs’, he said.

These are general symptoms that need to be paid attention to, Albaghdadi added.

Last, but not least, is patient history. If someone has a family history of clogged arteries, high cholesterol or high-blood pressure, those can also cause issues. The symptoms of blocked arteries are much higher if you have such a family history, Albaghdadi said.

The recommendation from the College of Cardiology and the Preventative Task Force says doctors should be exercising people after age 50.

Without symptoms I think everyone would exercise patients differently, Albaghdadi said. We do stress tests, screens and now we have been doing calcium scoring, and a CAT scan will tell you if you have a high calcium score, which means your arteries are blocked with calcium. Calcium buildup appears when plaque is building up in that artery. When the healing occurs it will have calcium buildup; the higher the calcium score the more likely this will be a calcium buildup in the artery.

Albaghdadi believes the calcium scorer is an underutilized tool and thinks it should be utilized more. The scorer is different than the stress test, because with the stress test they are trying to find out if there is a blocked artery, Albaghdadi said.

If it is blocked, an angiogram is used to tell doctors where the blocked artery is to see where to open it up at, balloon it, bypass it or, if it’s mild, recommend lifestyle changes. Prevention includes lowering cholesterol and exercising.

Usually middle-aged are most liable to have these problems, along with premature issues with family history, Albaghdadi said. The problem with the younger age group opposed to the middle-aged group is they miss the problem that they have because they think, I am young and don’t think I’d have a problem like that.

The Task Force for Protection’s recommendation is at age 50 everyone should have a calcium score and a cholesterol check.

One of Albaghdadi’s patients, Josh Burgland, who is 37, had a heart attack Jan. 12.

I fell under the same character that the doctor is talking about, the younger crowd, Burgland said. I just ignored all the symptoms not thinking it had anything to do with my heart. The morning of the heart attack I got extremely hot and sweated profusely. I felt sick to my stomach and had a big discomfort in my chest. It wasn’t anything that brought me to my knees, just pressure.

I canceled everything I was doing that day and tried to lay down for a nap. Nothing changed so I drove myself to the emergency room and they hooked me right up to the EKG and said I was having a heart attack. My heart attack lasted almost two hours. The only symptoms I had was fatigue, not really any other issues, I had blocked arteries in my heart, which created the attack.

I have really started to clean up my diet, chicken and fish, no red meat, vegetables and fruit, he said, and I also have been exercising five or six times a week.

It took less than an hour to open all of his arteries up, which was fortunate. They actually have a great track record of how fast they can open someone’s arteries up, Albaghdadi said.

The standard that they want you to do it by is called door to balloon, which is the time a patient walks into the ER to the time the patient’s artery is opened with the balloon. It should be 90 minutes. As soon as the artery is opened, the muscle damage stops, he said.

There is always damage, but the sooner you open it up the better, he said.

We want to educate the populous so hopefully events like this can be prevented, Albaghdadi said. It’s good to pick up things before they become a problem, which is why we want to do screens on people who have more of a chance of having heart problems.

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New partnership at Medical Associates

Posted: Wednesday, October 28, 2015 6:00 am, Clinton Herald

CLINTON Medical Associates announced Tuesday a new partnership allowing patients who use blood thinners the ability to test their International Normalized Ratio from home.

Medical Associates of Clinton now offers 1Comm Medical’s at home INR testing program to all of its Coumadin patients. Until now, patients were required to visit the lab for a blood draw at least once a month to monitor their INR.

Patients are provided with a testing device, supplies and in-person training. Once completed, these results can be reported by phone or online and are automatically sent to their health care provider for review.

Studies have shown that patients that are testing more frequently from home lower their risk of a stroke, major bleed, and death, said Teresa Sieck, 1Comm Medical’s Chief product officer.

Since 1Comm Medical launched its at home INR testing, thousands of patients across the United States are already utilizing the program. Sieck said 1Comm Medical has been especially pleased with its adoption in the Midwest.

We believe in giving the very best care to all our patients and 1Comm Medical’s at home INR testing program does that in a way that’s easy for patients and keeps them connected to our doctors and nurses, said Dr. Saadi Albaghdadi, of Medical Associates of Clinton. We’re pleased to be able to offer this service to our Coumadin patients.

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Medical Associates unveils 3D mammography

CLINTON ” Increased recruitment and advancements in mammography testing were two of many changes for Medical Associates over the past year.

As chief operating officer at Medical Associates, one of Tom Moser’s responsibilities is to oversee the physician recruitment at Medical Associates. According to Moser, Medical Associates works with recruiting companies to assist with the process. They are currently conducting searches in orthopedic surgery, obstetrics/gynecology and dermatology. They have added four positions in the last year and are continuing to look to fill other positions.

“It’s an ongoing process,” Moser said. “As a result of the Affordable Care Act, we have added new providers to expand access to healthcare services. We have also added providers to address identified needs in our community.”

Another relatively new development for Medical Associates is the urgent care/occupational medicine clinic. The clinic is staffed by a board-certified occupational medicine physician who works principally with area companies. One of the main functions of urgent care is to address work-related healthcare experiences. The clinic offers both laboratory and radiology services on site as well as other employer-specific services.

“With more people having healthcare coverage as a result of the Affordable Care Act, we have seen an increase in individuals who are seeking healthcare services and urgent care was one of the things we have done to expand access,” Moser said. “At the same time, consumers want same-day access to healthcare providers and our urgent care clinic was in recognition of this national trend. By expanding access to primary care, it’s our belief that we will also be able to avoid costly hospitalizations or unnecessary trips to area emergency departments.”

Medical Associates also recently unveiled a new 3D mammography machine. According to Radiology Manager Silissa Eckhart, 3D mammography screening is similar to the 2D exam and will only take a few seconds longer than 2D mammography. During the 3D part of the exam, the X-ray arm will sweep in a slight arc over the breast, taking multiple breast images, after which a computer will produce a 3D image of the tissue in one millimeter slices, providing greater visibility and detail then ever seen before. It is anticipated that the additional images produced by the 3D mammography will significantly improve early cancer detection.

“The patient is not going to notice any difference, Eckhart said. “It will be a slightly longer screening but the radiation does will be no more than normal.”

Medical Associates has had the 3D mammography since April and Medical Associates officials say they are the first in Clinton to be able to offer this service.

“It provides more information to allow for detection sooner,” Eckhart said. “It may take a minute or two longer but people won’t notice anything different and it may help detect cancer sooner.”

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MA Ideal Protein Weight Loss Program

The Medical Associates Ideal Protein Weight Loss Program offers a Health Coach and use of the Ideal Protein products to assist clients in their weight loss goals. Ideal Protein is a 4-phase medically designed and professionally supervised muscle-sparing weight loss protocol. The average person has a weight loss of 3-7 lbs per week. The Ideal Protein Weight Loss Method stabilizes the pancreas and blood sugar levels while burning fat. The ideal protein protocol has a beginning and end, thus assisting clients’ transitions to healthy lifestyle plans for weight management.

Can anyone participate?

Yes, however some health conditions may require consent from your health care provider or restrict participation.

What does this program offer me?

Medically trained support throughout the program and weekly appointments with our Ideal Protein coach.

Where is the service offered?

MA Weight Loss, 915 13th Avenue North, Clinton, Iowa

How do I participate in this program?

Potential clients may attend a free informational seminar or submit a health profile (see link below) by fax or mail to be evaluated for eligibility to schedule a new patient appointment. Please contact MA Weight Loss at the number below for more information. The number weeks clients are in the program is based on their weight loss goals. Below shows how many weeks for each phase:

Phase I: Until desired weight loss is achieved

Phase II: 2 weeks

Phase III: 2 weeks

How much does the program cost?

The upfront cost is $335 – $385, which includes meals, supplements, and the initial consultation. After the initial consultation, weekly recheck visits are at no charge. Clients will be required to purchase products based on their needs to achieve their weight loss goal (minimum of $84/week). Additional fees will apply for appointments with a Physician and/or additional products.

Phase I: Clients can expect to receive 21 items/week (after the initial consultation visit)

Phase II: Clients can expect to receive 14 items/week

Phase III: Clients can expect to receive 7 items/week

Phase IV: Clients can purchase items as needed

Does insurance cover this?

Unfortunately, this weight loss program is not covered by insurance plans, however, flexible spending accounts may reimburse for fees if there is a physician note indicating a medical necessity to participate.

MA Weight Loss, 915 13th Avenue N., Clinton, Iowa 52732

Mail: MA Weight Loss, 915 13th Avenue N., Clinton, Iowa 52732 or

Phone #: (563)519-1905

Fax #: (563)243-9471

Hours: Our provider team is available to meet with you M-F from 9:00am – 4:00pm. Once joining the program, our health coach, who you would meet with weekly, offers early morning, lunch time, and late afternoon appointments for your convenience.

Click this link to access the Health Profile Form

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Medical Associates Urgent Care & Occupational Medicine Facility Now Open

Now open
Monday thru Friday 8am to 8pm
Saturday and Sunday 9am to 4pm

MA Urgent Care ground breaking

The new 6,000 square foot facility is located on the northwest corner of Manufacturing Drive and Valley West Drive, and is staffed by physician and mid-level providers trained in both urgent care and occupational medicine.  Unlike a traditional physician’s office, the new facility will see patients without appointments, and offers both evening and weekend hours.  The new facility accepts all major insurances, and is price competitive with other primary care practices in the region.
As noted by Dr. John Dixon, the Chairman of Medical Associates’ Management Committee, We are pleased to be offering these new services to the residents of Clinton and the surrounding communities.  Providing urgent care and occupational medicine services in a dedicated facility fills an important need for convenient patient access to medical care within our community.  We also recognize that when someone is sick or injured, it is often inconvenient to wait for an appointment, especially if the health care need is not serious enough for the Emergency Department.
The new location also responds to requests we have received from area employers by offering dedicated facilities and staffing for work place injuries, employee physicals and other occupational health needs.

Ribbon cutting

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