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MA Ideal Protein Weight Loss Program

The Medical Associates Ideal Protein Weight Loss Program offers a Health Coach and use of the Ideal Protein products to assist clients in their weight loss goals. Ideal Protein is a 4-phase medically designed and professionally supervised muscle-sparing weight loss protocol. The average person has a weight loss of 3-7 lbs per week. The Ideal Protein Weight Loss Method stabilizes the pancreas and blood sugar levels while burning fat. The ideal protein protocol has a beginning and end, thus assisting clients’ transitions to healthy lifestyle plans for weight management.

Can anyone participate?

Yes, however some health conditions may require consent from your health care provider or restrict participation.

What does this program offer me?

Medically trained support throughout the program and weekly appointments with our Ideal Protein coach.

Where is the service offered?

MA Weight Loss, 915 13th Avenue North, Clinton, Iowa

How do I participate in this program?

Potential clients may attend a free informational seminar or submit a health profile (see link below) by fax or mail to be evaluated for eligibility to schedule a new patient appointment. Please contact MA Weight Loss at the number below for more information. The number weeks clients are in the program is based on their weight loss goals. Below shows how many weeks for each phase:

Phase I: Until desired weight loss is achieved

Phase II: 2 weeks

Phase III: 2 weeks

How much does the program cost?

The upfront cost is $335 – $385, which includes meals, supplements, and the initial consultation. After the initial consultation, weekly recheck visits are at no charge. Clients will be required to purchase products based on their needs to achieve their weight loss goal (minimum of $84/week). Additional fees will apply for appointments with a Physician and/or additional products.

Phase I: Clients can expect to receive 21 items/week (after the initial consultation visit)

Phase II: Clients can expect to receive 14 items/week

Phase III: Clients can expect to receive 7 items/week

Phase IV: Clients can purchase items as needed

Does insurance cover this?

Unfortunately, this weight loss program is not covered by insurance plans, however, flexible spending accounts may reimburse for fees if there is a physician note indicating a medical necessity to participate.

MA Weight Loss, 915 13th Avenue N., Clinton, Iowa 52732

Mail: MA Weight Loss, 915 13th Avenue N., Clinton, Iowa 52732 or

Phone #: (563)519-1905

Fax #: (563)243-9471

Hours: Our provider team is available to meet with you M-F from 9:00am – 4:00pm. Once joining the program, our health coach, who you would meet with weekly, offers early morning, lunch time, and late afternoon appointments for your convenience.

Click this link to access the Health Profile Form

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