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Medical Associates unveils 3D mammography

CLINTON ” Increased recruitment and advancements in mammography testing were two of many changes for Medical Associates over the past year.

As chief operating officer at Medical Associates, one of Tom Moser’s responsibilities is to oversee the physician recruitment at Medical Associates. According to Moser, Medical Associates works with recruiting companies to assist with the process. They are currently conducting searches in orthopedic surgery, obstetrics/gynecology and dermatology. They have added four positions in the last year and are continuing to look to fill other positions.

“It’s an ongoing process,” Moser said. “As a result of the Affordable Care Act, we have added new providers to expand access to healthcare services. We have also added providers to address identified needs in our community.”

Another relatively new development for Medical Associates is the urgent care/occupational medicine clinic. The clinic is staffed by a board-certified occupational medicine physician who works principally with area companies. One of the main functions of urgent care is to address work-related healthcare experiences. The clinic offers both laboratory and radiology services on site as well as other employer-specific services.

“With more people having healthcare coverage as a result of the Affordable Care Act, we have seen an increase in individuals who are seeking healthcare services and urgent care was one of the things we have done to expand access,” Moser said. “At the same time, consumers want same-day access to healthcare providers and our urgent care clinic was in recognition of this national trend. By expanding access to primary care, it’s our belief that we will also be able to avoid costly hospitalizations or unnecessary trips to area emergency departments.”

Medical Associates also recently unveiled a new 3D mammography machine. According to Radiology Manager Silissa Eckhart, 3D mammography screening is similar to the 2D exam and will only take a few seconds longer than 2D mammography. During the 3D part of the exam, the X-ray arm will sweep in a slight arc over the breast, taking multiple breast images, after which a computer will produce a 3D image of the tissue in one millimeter slices, providing greater visibility and detail then ever seen before. It is anticipated that the additional images produced by the 3D mammography will significantly improve early cancer detection.

“The patient is not going to notice any difference, Eckhart said. “It will be a slightly longer screening but the radiation does will be no more than normal.”

Medical Associates has had the 3D mammography since April and Medical Associates officials say they are the first in Clinton to be able to offer this service.

“It provides more information to allow for detection sooner,” Eckhart said. “It may take a minute or two longer but people won’t notice anything different and it may help detect cancer sooner.”

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