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New partnership at Medical Associates

Posted: Wednesday, October 28, 2015 6:00 am, Clinton Herald

CLINTON Medical Associates announced Tuesday a new partnership allowing patients who use blood thinners the ability to test their International Normalized Ratio from home.

Medical Associates of Clinton now offers 1Comm Medical’s at home INR testing program to all of its Coumadin patients. Until now, patients were required to visit the lab for a blood draw at least once a month to monitor their INR.

Patients are provided with a testing device, supplies and in-person training. Once completed, these results can be reported by phone or online and are automatically sent to their health care provider for review.

Studies have shown that patients that are testing more frequently from home lower their risk of a stroke, major bleed, and death, said Teresa Sieck, 1Comm Medical’s Chief product officer.

Since 1Comm Medical launched its at home INR testing, thousands of patients across the United States are already utilizing the program. Sieck said 1Comm Medical has been especially pleased with its adoption in the Midwest.

We believe in giving the very best care to all our patients and 1Comm Medical’s at home INR testing program does that in a way that’s easy for patients and keeps them connected to our doctors and nurses, said Dr. Saadi Albaghdadi, of Medical Associates of Clinton. We’re pleased to be able to offer this service to our Coumadin patients.

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